VMRO-DPMNE proposes that the census be conducted with a fingerprint


VMRO-DPMNE will not back the law on census, which the Government determined on Friday as a law that will be carried out with a European flag.

The party leader added that the way the census was proposed and explained, according to his party, is not a statistical operation, but a political agreement which, as he said, is confirmed by two signatures.

“As proposed, the law can give a result of 3 million inhabitants in the Republic of Macedonia, which is an unrealistic number. And that is why, in order for the data performed with the census operation to be relevant and for the results of the census to be recognized by all political factors and by all institutions and institutes, we propose a solution, and that is to procure those fingerprint machines at conducting a census, so that in the end everyone is confident in the results of the census, that this is not a political solution for the sake of peace in the ruling coalition, but that a census has been carried out that will give the right parameters for progress and that those results will “to be recognized by all political factors in the Republic of Macedonia,” he said.

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