Parliament passes the disputed law on the ownership of the pipeline


After 15 years of negotiations between the state and the Makpetrol company, and a series of court disputes over the ownership of the gas pipeline, Parliament on Monday passed a law regulating that the gas pipeline is 100% owned by the state. Parliament voted 60-30 in favor of the legislation after days of marathon sessions where MPs from the ruling majority and the opposition were debating the bill.

The Government, although it did not need a law for that, and without the approval of the State Attorney who should give consent in such cases, as well as without sufficient information and public consultation passed a law that will recognize Makpetrol ownership of 50 percent in the pipeline in Macedonia and to be paid at an unrealistically high price of 33 million euros, although the government itself says that the value of Makpetrol’s investment is 18.8 million euros.

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