Polluters to be tracked on an e-map starting next month


With the new electronic map of pollutants, i.e. potential polluters, the illusion that households in the country pollute, and that the industry is perfectly environmentally friendly, will finally drop. This was stressed at Tuesday’s presentation of the e-map for locating current and potential environmental pollutants, prepared by the Green Institute, in cooperation with the State Environmental Inspectorate.

With this tool we will have a realistic idea of ​​what is really happening and finally stop chasing the chimneys of households which, although not perfect, are still a minimal problem in terms of industry,” said Liljana Popovska from the Green Institute association.

The e-map will be publicly available on a special website for all interested citizens, but also for representatives of institutions, primarily environmental inspectors at the state, city and municipal level, and citizens will be able to report any potential pollutants starting next month.

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