President Pendarovski sees no problem with the opposition proposal for a fingerprint census, but a problem with timing


President Stevo Pendarovski sees nothing controversial in the opposition’s proposal to provide fingerprint terminals for the census, if it gives greater credibility to the statistical operation itself, but believes there is not enough time.

“If it is acceptable for us to have greater validity of that census, I can’t see why not. I’m just afraid, knowing our tender procedures, and we have only three and a half months until the practical start, that we can procure those devices. I do not see a problem in the proposal, but in the timing of it”, Pendarovski said in last night’s interview with the MRTV.

Regarding the European flag with which the census law was submitted, Pendarovski says that it does not matter whether the law has a European flag or not, the most important thing is the political will whether everyone can agree on what is a vital state interest.

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