Chifliganec moves his business to Serbia and Greece due to the unfavorable business climate in the country


The domestic construction company Adora Engineering is “moving” its business outside Macedonia, to Serbia and Greece.

Vancho Chifliganec, General Manager of Adora Engineering and President of the Adora Business Group, says the reason for this decision is in the unfavorable business climate in the country, but also the inability to build in the municipality of Centar where there was a moratorium on construction of new facilities. That reduced the company from just 500 employees to just 25 people.

“Until a favorable business climate is created in construction in Macedonia, Adora Engineering will operate outside the borders of Macedonia. We thought that the recession would make sense to the authorities in the Municipality of Centar, but that did not happen. We want macro development in the country, and that is impossible without micro or local development of the municipalities. There is nothing better for the Macedonian economy than for the businessmen to work, and through that to fill the budgets of both the municipalities and the state,” says Chifliganec.

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