A fire at “Global” could have happened on a working day, who would take responsibility?


The accident with the fire in the center of Strumica cannot pass only with words of regret, but someone must take responsibility. The fire in Global raises questions related to both its construction and the current business, and the answers lead to whether it is corruption or negligent work? asks VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski.

“How is it possible that the facility managed by PE Komunalec Strumica does not have proper hydrants, i.e. is it true and is it possible that they are unsuitable and non-standard for use in case of fire? Who will take the responsibility because such a fire could have happened on a working day, in a public building filled with people, a shopping center and there were human casualties, just because the fire extinguishing system does not work, i.e. it is incompatible with fire hoses?” Stoilkovski asked.



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