Health Minister assures vaccines are safe, vaccination is the only way to defeat the virus


Over 60 percent of medical workers would receive the COVID-19 vaccine, said Health Minister Venko Filipche on Wednesday. This figure has come as a result of a research of the Health Ministry in cooperation with medical staff, he told the national broadcaster MTV.

“An extremely high percentage of health workers are interested in receiving the shot, which is a good signal for all citizens. The health workers have been on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19 and they know how dangerous the new virus is. If they get vaccinated, it will motivate others to get vaccinated, too,” Filipche said.

He vowed the Health Ministry would keep informing the public in transparent and accurate manner to highlight the importance of mass vaccination against the disease.

“Vaccination is a serious and certified process. The vaccines have been developed according to safe and credible platforms,” Filipche stated.

“All the vaccines arriving in the country will be fully safe and the citizens should fully trust the processes,” the Minister said noting that vaccination is the ‘only safe weapon against the coronavirus.’

Regarding the epidemiological situation, Minister Filipche said it has been significantly improving in the past four weeks thanks to the citizens adhering to the health protection measures.



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