While the PM dines with golden spoons and forks, half a million of his compatriots live on two euros a day


The Christmas Eve dinner showed that the Zaev family lives in a world of their own, very different from the one in which most of the citizens in Macedonia survive every day.

The day that should be a feature of modesty for the Prime Minister is an opportunity to show the luxury in which his family lives. While most of the citizens live on two euros a day, rummaging through trash cans and cannot even provide their children with Christmas gifts, the Zaev family, much like a royal family, eats with golden forks.

His niece Eva boasted about Zaev’s feast on Christmas Eve. Luxury everywhere, gold utensils and a wealthy dining table.

After receiving criticism on social media for the way they celebrated Christmas Eve, Eva ironically put on plastic utensils and ordinary knives and spoons that we all use.

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