Ohrid SOS: Only someone who is detached from reality can say that he has made significant steps to preserve Ohrid’s UNESCO status


The citizens’ initiative Ohrid SOS in reaction again pointed the finger at government institutions. He believes that they are the main culprits for the situation and the relocation of the Ohrid region to the List of endangered world values ​​of UNESCO.

Stressing that they have not yet received the report from the Reactive Monitoring Mission from 2020, after which they announce their comment, Ohrid SOS characterizes as extremely irresponsible the views expressed by the Municipality of Ohrid on the UNESCO document.

“Only someone who is detached from reality, for a report recommending the inclusion of the only UNESCO property from Macedonia on the World Heritage List in danger, can share compliments that he has made” significant steps to preserve Ohrid’s UNESCO status”.The leaders of the Macedonian institutions obviously do not know and cannot do anything but persistently and stubbornly continue the harmful tendency to make a show for the public. The situation on the ground is desperate, the work is done sporadically, it is chaotic and uncoordinated. There is neither a single vision, nor harmony between the managers of the good (municipalities, ministries, government),” reads the reaction released by “Ohrid SOS”.

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