Stoilkovski: Zaev attacked the citizens, broke up a carnival because they mocked his policies


The nervousness of Zaev’s government is obvious. Yesterday, participants in the Vevchani Carnival, a tradition dating back thousands of years, were violently and brutally dispersed by the police. It is obvious that Zaev’s popular government could not stand how their politics and national rule are criticized through humor and masks, says VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski.

Zaev attacked his citizens yesterday. There is no excuse for beating up masked participants in a carnival, especially not in the Vevchani Carnival, and to be silent about the festivities made by the SDSM officials in Stip, at the parties in Skopje in the bars of people close to the government, for the birthday celebrations in the institutions, for dozens of other examples of violations and rallies. The occupying authorities were Macedonia, so they did not do this,” says Stoilkovski.

“The people see how a forced census is being prepared outside all European standards, the people see what concessions Zaev is preparing to pay to Bulgaria, the people see how history and identity are traded and the shameful interruption of the Vevchani Carnival will not cover that. On the contrary, this is another drop in the overflowing glass.

Zaev will be held responsible for the brutality in Vevchani because he is doing what no Turkish, Bulgarian, Serbian or communist government has done in Vevchani,” said Stoilkovski.

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