Bulgaria planned to donate only 100 doses of vaccines against COVID-19 to Macedonia!?


Was Bulgaria planning to donate only 100 vaccines against the coronavirus to Macedonia, which means only 50 people would have been vaccinated?!

This was announced by Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama, during an interview Monday evening, where he explained how the vaccination process in Albania was going and how it would continue.

After the many criticisms he received, that the doses of anti-COVID-19 vaccines, which are in the amount of about 1000, were too few and only 500 Albanian citizens could be vaccinated, Rama replied that this is also commendable, because Albania is the second country of the region, following Serbia, that is starting the vaccination of the population. Rama stressed that Macedonia, although it was promised by Bulgaria that it would donate 100 doses of the first shipment of vaccines. they have not been donated yet.

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