There will always be someone unpleased with the census, but we have to accept reality


 Statistics do not make reality, statistics register reality, that is our obligation and we must do it, said Apostol Simovski, director of the State Statistical Office.

As he says, there will always be someone unpleased in the country no matter what kind of census one conducts. If the most renowned world experts come to conduct a census, even if we collect them as enumerators from all over the world, there will be someone who would not like them.

“Personally, I will not like the census data, because I know that we will have a big black hole of those who emigrated from the country, but we have not registered them with the current registrations, so we will be far from having a population growth or whatever, so I will be the first to be dissatisfied with the data, but that does not mean I will not accept it. We should look, open our eyes, accept our reality as it is,” says Simovski.

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