Macedonia to buy the 8,000 Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines from Serbia


At least 8,000 Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines sent by Serbia will arrive in North Macedonia announced Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Monday before Basic Court in Skopje.

“I want to share this happy news, we accepted the help offered by Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić. I talked to him today and they agreed to help us. Further details will be defined during the day. They confirmed to send 8,000 vaccines developed by Pfizer, and for the others they should check in the vaccines agreements whether they are allowed to donate them,” Zaev said.

On behalf of the Macedonian people, Zaev thanked Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, the Government and the Serbian people for the friendly act of solidarity and informed that Vučić offered to donate the vaccines.

“Vučić offered to donate the vaccines, but we have funds and we will procure the vaccines at the purchase price, i.e. at the price that Serbia procured the vaccines,” Zaev said.

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