Former UBK Director: I did not order the wiretapping


The former head of the Security and Counterintelligence Directorate (UBK) Sasho Mijalkov denies ordering the wiretapping and destruction of two communications monitoring systems. Mijalkov said that at all hearings held in these three years for the “Target-Fortress” case, the prosecution has not confirmed such a thing with material or verbal evidence.

“Target-Fortress” case is a criminal case initiated due to illegal interception of communications of thousands of citizens in the period of several years, which in 2015 came to the then opposition now ruling SDSM, and with whose help managed to achieve the result of the early elections in 2016 which enabled to form a coalition with the Albanian party DUI and form a government with a narrow majority.

“I have not had the opportunity and privilege to give such orders. I have never instructed anyone, either in writing or verbally, to take any action to intercept communications. During the proceedings we also saw that there was no evidence of such a thing. We did not see one specific person on one specific date that has been wiretapped because of my orders,” said Sasho Mijalkov.

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