Kovachki: Unprofessionalism and party influence on the process of issuing security certificates recognized in NATO


It’s been three days and the Minister of Defense and the President of the country are still silent and refuse to answer the questions regarding the scandal they have prepared for their country, said Dragan Kovachki, member of the Executive Committee of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE at a press conference.

“By not answering the questions asked at our press conferences, Radmila Shekerinska and Stevo Pendarovski devalue the institutions they represent. It is clear to everyone that the problem of the return of the two candidates for military, i.e. defense representatives of Macedonia in NATO is in power. Both candidates for NATO representatives were sent back from the Alliance. They received a NATO certificate from the Macedonian authorities, but when they were re-checked by our allies, and they did not receive confirmation. This, no less, means that the bodies, i.e. the institutions that are completely partisan by the ruling party, issue NATO certificates, which during the re-examination by the Alliance are assessed as inaccurate and unreliable. So, it is a matter of delegitimizing the whole process led by the Macedonian institutions,” Kovachki said.


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