State Environmental Inspectorate reports a hacker attack


The State Environmental Inspectorate said Tuesday that its computer network had been the target of a hacker attack Monday night, and without elaborating said considered the incident a “pressure” on the institution.

“Around midnight between 18th and 19th of January 2021, a large number of media outlets received old announcements sent by e-mail addresses to the State Environmental Inspectorate,” the inspectorate said in a statement.

According to initial information, as stated from there, in consultation with experts, it was confirmed that it was a hacker attack on the e-mail platform of the Inspectorate.

“We consider this event as pressure on the work and we want to inform the whole public that we will continue to do our job, in a transparent and accountable manner, persistently and non-selectively,” the Inspectorate said in a statement, without specifying who or why was putting the alleged pressure.

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