IPH: Increased number of COVID-19 deaths, decreased number of positive cases


According to the weekly report of the Institute of Public Health in the period from 11 to 10 January 2021, a total of 14,111 materials were tested in laboratories where molecular testing and antigen testing for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 is performed, with an increase of 8.4% compared to last week.

2,397 new positive cases were registered from 34 cities in the country, a decrease of 3.0% compared to last week. Most of the registered cases are from Skopje (n = 1,089; 45.4%), with a weekly incidence – 176.3 / 100,000. The highest weekly incidence of 238.5 / 100,000 was registered in Resen.

The percentage of positive cases tested in the reporting period ranges from 11 to 19%, an average of 16%, which is a decrease of 3% compared to last week.

Personsin all age groups were registered as positive to the virus. The most common age group is over 60 years (n = 631, 26.3%). A large number of patients are registered in the age groups of 40-49 (n = 446; 18.6%), 30-39 (n = 422; 17.6%), 50-59 (n = 403; 16 , 8%) and 20-29 (n = 352; 14.7%). The lowest number was registered in children aged 0-9 (n = 31; 1.3%) and 10-19 years (n = 112; 4.7%).

After receiving 2 negative tests for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 or using the new algorithm, 5,785 people who have been hospitalized or treated at home are considered as recovered, 29.7% more compared to last week.

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