High school students to boycott classes starting Thursday – they demand reduction of the number of subjects for the state graduation


At the meeting with Education Minister Mila Carovska we asked for two subjects for taking the state graduation exam, we were waiting for an answer whether they are ready to cooperate. We had no other option after we saw that they were not ready to cooperate, so a boycott of classes was inevitable,” BlendiHodai, president of the High School Students’ Union, told TV24.

“We have defined requirements that can be more easily accepted. We made the decision 3 days ago, the meetings these days are coordinative to have a more effective boycott of classes, to get the educational institutions to accept our demands. Graduates should boycott classes tomorrow. The high school students have been divided so far, some of them demanded the complete abolition of the state graduation exam, and some of them want modifications of the content for the graduation exam. The majority high school students agree with these demands,” said Hodai.

The majority of fourth-year high school students will boycott classes starting Thursday, he added.

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