NUK: All industries received assistance, only hospitality businesses got a “cold shower”


With the adopted first measure of the fifth anti-crisis set, the Government gave 162.4 million euros to the “locomotives” – members of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, while the hospitality businesses are still unjustifiably deprived of their working hours and the right to work, said the Independent Association of Hospitality Chamber(NUK).

According to the NUK, the patience of the hospitality businesses that are waiting for an invitation for a working meeting with the Government is running out and they are given a deadline of January 25 to adopt their requests for creating special measures for direct assistance and support to the hospitality industry.

All industries received support and assistance from the existing set of economic measures, yet recommendations and protocols with restrictions on working hours are continuously broughtonly for the hospitality industry, NUK claimsand stresses that unused funds from the fourth set of measures for subsidizing salaries have more than 15 million euros which can be immediately used for January and February wage subsidy in the hospitality industry.


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