Director of the State Statistics Office: The whole methodology for conducting the census cannot go into law, it is a professional matter


The census is important in every society and is a tool, a tool to provide a huge set of data needed to create development policies at the central, local level, as well as for the business sector. The data is required for all sectors that must have this data. In our country, the perception begins that the census should provide information on how many we are and what we are by ethnic structure, but the census provides a lot of other data, said Angel Simovski, Director General of the State Statistics Office on Alfa TV’s “Zaspij ako mozhesh” show.

“We make every effort for politics not to be in this operation because it is a statistical operation. Regarding the adoption of the law, it should provide a legal framework for the survey or census. Many institutions have data and are part of the statistical system, and the law shows that it should be implemented only by an authorized institution. And here are the problems, especially in 2011 when the census was conducted by a census commission or a political body,” said Simovski.

“The whole methodology cannot go into the law. The methodology is a professional matter, and we have a bad experience when part of the methodology was in law in 2002 and in the middle of a session with an amendment and the right to conduct the census was given by the State Census Commission, not the Statistical Office, it is a precedent, we have violated laws, therefore the methodological details are not given,” said Simovski.

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