Bulgaria is not the only obstacle, friends in Europe point out corruption and failed reforms as a huge problem


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski talked in an in interview with Alfa TV about the several-day visit to the countries in the region, as well as the focus of the talks with Janez Jansa, Viktor Orban and Andrej Plenkovic.

Mickoski emphasized that the meetings with the leaders in the region were fruitful and they shared their experiences regarding the health crisis, as well as the economic crisis taking place in all countries across Europe.

He also pointed out that the countries in the region have dealt with the crisis in a very different way than the one applied in Macedonia in the past ten months.

“Countries like Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia are examples of how a country should cope with the health and economic crisis, thanks to good organization, staff competence and a strong desire to find concrete and correct solutions,” says Mickoski.

The impressions he gained from visiting these countries are that the European Union countries do not make remarks about Macedonia only in terms of the name dispute and history with Greece and Bulgaria, but also in relation to the enormous crime that undoubtedly takes place in the country, captured judiciary and business deals made by Zoran Zaev as Prime Minister of the country.

Mickoski added that the Republic of Macedonia must learn and apply what countries like Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary have been doing in such situations for years, so that society does not experience tectonic disturbances and thus health and economic collapse.

“It is a fact that the Republic of Macedonia is not part of the European family only because crime and racketeering are flourishing in the country, and not because international disputes have not been resolved yet. That is the main factor for the stagnation of the Republic of Macedonia,” said Mickoski.


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