Carovska reiterates her position on graduation exam, a new concept starting next year


Minister of Education and Science Mila Carovska reiterated today that this year the existing concept for state graduation exam remains and that there will be no reduction in the number of subjects for taking as required by some high school students.

In a statement to the media given after the event in Gostivar, Minister Carovska stressed that the concept for graduation was adopted at the beginning of the year and that the exclusion of certain subjects would disrupt the whole concept.

So far, 15 thousand students have applied for the graduation exam, which, according to Carovska, indicates that most are preparing for the test.

The final graduation exam, as she pointed out, is a legal obligation and is important for enrolling high school students not only in domestic universities, but also in European and world higher education institutions.

“Last year we were a negative example and our country remained isolated because it did not allow graduation. Many of our students have missed the opportunity to enroll in certain world and European universities. That is why we want every child to have the opportunity to achieve their goals,” Carovska told the media.


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