The census is extremely politicized by trampling on the constitutional and legal order


When asked about the census law, it was adopted, and VMRO-DPMNE certainly continues with a series of remarks and criticisms. Attitudes remain and criticism of the law, and today you asked and appealed to President Pendarovski not to sign the decree. What is your next step? You are collecting signatures, do you think that you will have enough for a draft law to annul the existing one? Mucunski says that the first thing we should conclude is that VMRO-DPMNE is in favor of conducting a census, which will have a real reflection on the demographic situation in our country.

“This census is conducted according to an outdated methodology, a methodology that we believe is not in line with the highest standards of the UN and the EU, i.e. the standards of Eurostat. We give concrete suggestions on how Macedonia can make an electronic census, because we have the capacity for that. But obviously there was no hearing. This census is extremely politicized and is just one of the conclusions leading to it, is it a statistical rather than a political operation. Well why is a double signature needed to confirm a statistical operation? So obviously we have the ultimate politicization of the process. In these first moments, it is our obligation to try to use all institutional mechanisms to prevent this census. When all the institutional mechanisms are used, then the party should discuss the next steps that should be taken to prevent such a political, not a statistical operation. I believe that because as an MP I communicate with many citizens, I believe that is the attitude of the citizens,” says Mucunski.


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