US Ambassador Byrnes disappointed with Bulgaria’s veto


We are disappointed with Bulgaria’s veto for a number of reasons, first because we believe that Macedonia was ready to begin the process of opening and closing chapters with the EU, said U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Macedonia Kate Marie Byrnes.

In an interview with Voice of America, she said the veto posed a risk not only to Macedonia but also to the EU, as well as to issues related to the enlargement process as a whole.

“It is obvious that we were very disappointed with Bulgaria’s decision to block the start of the accession process last year, and we will continue to do what we can to ensure that bilateral issues are resolved through bilateral channels, and that the goodwill and continued efforts that Macedonia is taking over to hold bilateral talks with Sofia to continue in a positive way, separate from political rhetoric. There are countries that do not share the same visions for Macedonia in Europe, and that do not share the values of Europe, as free and united, where there is lasting peace and stability. They may look to exploit the situation for their strategic interest. It is clear that Russia and China do not share that vision and I think this is something that everyone should keep in mind. That is why it is especially important for the EU accession process to move forward as quickly as possible,” said Ambassador Byrnes.

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