The Census Law was adopted without consensus and has many ambiguities


The Census Law in the Parliament was adopted without the necessary political consensus and contrary to all falsely declared commitments by the ruling majority. A law was pushed which, above all, leaves a strong suspicion in the society that the census is planned to be conducted as a political operation instead of a statistical one, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Ivanka Vasilevskaat today’s press conference.

“Despite the fact that it was and still is clearly indicated by VMRO-DPMNE that Macedonia must conduct a census in order to be able to plan policies in the country on real data, the government decided to conduct this whole process alone, from creating a legal solution to closing of the census results, without the opposition “, Law Professor Vasilevska pointed out.

She pointed out that the absence of the methodology for conducting the census is particularly indicative, as part of this legal solution, a moment which she said was present in every solution of the countries conducting the census.

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