Bardzieva Trajkovska demands responsibility for failure to act to protect the Ohrid region


When it comes to a region, everything that happens with the cultural heritage has a direct impact on nature. Especially mass urbanization, illegal buildings that I do not really know, I always talk and wonder what it is with illegal buildings. What needs to happen, however, is that a systemic change must be made. Because when I talked about inaction, it means that the institutions that do not act must be located because they are most responsible for the situation in the Ohrid region, said Donka Bardzieva Trajkovska, expert on cultural heritage protection, in a morning show on TV 24.

Bardzieva Trajkovska added that the responsibility starts from the Government, then through the Ministry of Culture and the two administrations, namely the Office for Protection of Cultural Heritage and the Office for Protection of Natural Heritage. Exactly those institutions are the key institutions where all the responsibility is concentrated, and they had obligations in the past years that they did not act on.

“There are articles and obligations in the law on world and natural heritage management. For example, in Article 25 there is an obligation, the legislator gave the obligation to the Government on the proposal of the competent minister whether for culture or environment to review the list of cultural heritage every 6 years, it has not been done,” said Bardzieva Trajkovska.


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