Naser Ziberi was not elected Prime Minister, but was elected Ombudsman instead


DUI Prime Minister-designate Naser Ziberi is the new Ombudsman. Parliament voted in the afternoon to elect Ziberi to the post.

Before the vote on the agenda, the MP of the Alliance for Albanians, which is in coalition with Alternativa, Surija Rashidi, demanded the removal of the item for the election of Ziberi, whom he said was a candidate for the post for political reasons.

The procedure for election of the Ombudsman was conducted in a very non-transparent manner, so now we have a candidate nominated by one of the ruling parties and who only six months ago went to the polls as a candidate for Prime Minister, said Surija Rushidi from the ranks of the Alliance for Albanians.

Ziberi will take over the role of ombudsman from Ixhet Memeti.


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