Pendarovski: Bulgaria’s stance on Macedonia will persist even after the elections


President Stevo Pendarovski doesn’t expect Bulgaria’s April 4 election to reverse Sofia’s positions toward Skopje. In an interview with Klan TV on Monday evening, North Macedonia’s head of state said both Bulgaria’s opposition and government were maintaining their tough stance toward our country, so whoever wins the election won’t really change things.

The president hopes, however, that “our European friends in Brussels will help us find a formulation that will not deny our fundamental right to feeling and declaring our national identity so we can start our negotiations with the EU.”

Asked about Sofia’s positions about the Macedonian identity, language, and minority in Bulgaria, Pendarovski said no country should interfere in another country’s internal affairs.

Pendarovski also expects stronger US engagement in the Western Balkans following Joe Biden’s victory, considering there are people in his administration who have direct experience in regional matters.

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