Trajanov: The SSO director should invite experts from all parties to participate in the Law on Census


The director of the State Statistical Office Apostol Simovski called on experts from all political parties to participate in the Law on Census, which will incorporate in the methodology what is missing and crucial, said the Democratic Union (DS) leader Pavle Trajanov on Wednesday in the show “24 Analiza” on TV 24.

“It is clear that all political parties in Macedonia are in favor of holding a census, so that we can plan all the strategic activities of our country. That is not in dispute. But something else is debatable. There are some moments that I talked about in the parliament. It is about distinguishing between resident and non-resident population. It is good to enumerate, but objectively we must know how many people live here in Macedonia. And that is not incorporated in this law. That is why I proposed from the Parliament rostrum, and tonight experts from all political parties to participate in the census law.”The director of the Statistical Office should call those experts, to look at the methodology and what is missing, and it is important and crucial to incorporate it in the methodology,” said Trajanov, whose party is part of the ruling coalition led by SDSM.

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