Bozhinovski: This government has brought Macedonia to such a level of corruption that has never been seen before


“Transparency International’s methodology is the same for the past 22 years. So from 1999 when it is noticed and that perception is measured until now the methodology is that. It was the current government, and the then opposition, that most objected to the then government of VMRO-DPMNE with “No justice, no peace” that Macedonia was immersed in corruption.And in 2015 we were on the 66th position, and now according to the same methodology we are on the 111th position. So twice as much, said Vladimir Bozhinovski on Kanal 5’s “Samo Vistina”.

Bozinovski added that the justification of Nikolovski and Maricic does not pass, because the citizens see and feel the crime at every step in the country. What SDSM promised before coming to power did not fulfill anything.

The fact is that in Macedonia, at the moment it has broken the bottom of corruption. At the moment, the situation and the situation with corruption in Macedonia is at the worst level since Transparency International published this Report on Macedonia, which is 1999, said Bozhinovski.

Bozhinovski pointed out that the government can in no way try to take that away from itself and blame the citizens or the opposition.

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