Macedonia lags behind, Albania procured vaccines and Serbia has already vaccinated 450,000 people


Macedonia is the only country in the region, and perhaps in the world, that has not yet started vaccinating the population against the coronavirus.

In recent months, the health authorities and Prime Minister ZoranZaev announced that the first vaccines are about to arrive, and to this day the public is witnessing that the only country in the region that has not yet been procured is Macedonia.

Meanwhile, the first shipment of vaccines procured directly from the manufacturer Pfizer arrived in Albania on Monday night, and thanks to Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, who personally traveled to the United States for negotiations with the manufacturer, the results can be seen in action and we only have the empty promises that now the Chinese vaccine has just arrived and it has been going on for weeks…

Vaccination in Albania started at the beginning of January, and the vaccine was procured by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama as a donation from a European friendly country.

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