Filipche waits for 200,000 vaccines from China, Zaev asks permission from NATO and the United States


The first batch of COVID-19 vaccines that will arrive in the country in February is going to include Chinese shots. We should find out which date any time soon, Health Minister Venko Filipche said Wednesday.

Priority groups of citizens will receive the vaccine first as soon as the 200,000 vaccines arrive, he added.

“All vaccines are safe, developed in safe platforms and it’s very hard to get to them,” Filipche stressed.

Negotiations, he added, both those involving Pfizer and the Chinese manufacturer, are really difficult and require a lot of details to be agreed.

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, on the other hand, said that the country had talked with NATO and Washington and together they determined that the procurement of vaccines from China is not a geopolitical issue, but a sovereign right of each country.

We try to get vaccines from wherever they are available to us. This week, the procedure will be completed for us for receiving Chinese vaccines from February 10 to 15. In the procedure itself, we will follow the competitiveness, in order to get more favorable conditions, and we have provided a domestic partner for the implementation of the procedure, it is the company “Alkaloid” , said Zaev during a promotion of Roma housing projects.

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