38,000 people over the age of 70 register for vaccination against COVID-19


The Ministry of Health informed on Thursday that in the past four days through the website Vakcinacija.mk 55,970 people filled out the application form by expressing interest in vaccination against COVID-19. Through the family doctor, 29,209 people applied for vaccination. Of this total, 38,000 people over the age of 70 are registered for vaccination.

On Wednesday, February 17, the immunization of the country started with the vaccination of 202 health workers. According to the vaccination plan of the health workers, the first to be vaccinated are the medical personnel who have worked or are working with COVID patients from the infectious disease clinic “September 8”, the Institute for Respiratory Diseases Kozle, the internal clinics that hospitalized patients. From next week, vaccination will begin for health professionals in hospitals across the country, as well as private hospitals.

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