Procurement of fingerprint devices cannot be realized because the Ministry of Interior has disputed provisions


Head of the State Election Commission Aleksandar Dashtevski regarding the procurement of fingerprint devices and pointed out that they first asked for approval for the procurement of such devices and received an answer that they will be procured if the SEC is confident in the implementation of the whole process.

“I would say that this is a complex operation and we need to work hard to achieve results because it takes time. The law has been adopted, these amendments to the law are in 3 articles, as I have said many times in public it is Article 45 paragraph 3 it is about the equipment, article 89 and in the further text continues technical equipment and article 108A. Even when we came, it was our duty and we must fulfill that obligation by law. Article 31 paragraph 1 requires us to perform all obligations provided by law. The first thing we did because there were no funds in the budget, they were requested in September and were not received, we asked the Ministry of Finance to approve funds. Here I think the situation is the problem with COVID-19 because it has been done, the law has been passed, these changes and amendments that I mentioned in February and the report when the changes are made it is said that there is no time to make this year, if you remember this year they were supposed to be in April and were delayed several times and that probably complicates the procedure.We decided to request funds for this procedure because funds were not provided, and that was an obligation with the adoption of the law and as soon as the adoption of the law should be approved. “After a few days, we were told that we would receive funds if we informed them that we were ready to carry out that procedure,” Dashtevski said.


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