Zaev gave instructions for ordering the Russian Sputnik V vaccine


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said Sunday that the country has the capacity to procure additional 100,000 vaccines according to the current vaccination plan, confirming that the Russian Sputnik vaccine will be procured next.

“In coordination with the health minister last night I was told that we have the capacity according to the vaccination plan, the concluded contracts and the advanced payments to order additional 100,000 doses of other vaccines without getting a surplus of vaccines. To answer the question, yes, we’ll order Sputnik, because there’s capacity for additional 100,000 shots and to make orders,” Zaev told reporters.

We, he added, expect to hear from the EU, from the direct contract with the company Pfizer and later on through the COVAX facility.

The Chinese vaccines are expected to arrive in the country by the end of the month.

Zaev said he believed the vaccination campaign will take place according to the planned dynamic.

Macedonia began its vaccination campaign this past Wednesday after Serbia donated the first batch of 4,680 vaccines out of a total of 8,000. So far, 850 health workers, who are the first priority group to be vaccinated according to the plan, have received the shot.

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