Procedure for selection of candidates for mayors in SDSM starts in June or July


Support for the second term of several mayors is personal, but SDSM has bodies and a clear procedure for selecting candidates for mayors for the local elections, which should be held in the fall, said Prime Minister and leader of SDSM Zoran Zaev, asked which other mayors would be or not be supported.

He announced that as a political party they will conduct polls for potential candidates. The procedure is expected to start in June or July, because, as he said, the campaign for the local elections is at the end of September, and in October the citizens will elect new mayors of the municipalities.

Zaev pointed out that in the whole procedure for selection of candidates for mayors from the ranks of SDSM, he is only an individual, who gave his opinion, and the party has its own procedures, such as candidacy from municipal organizations, but also self-candidacy, then the selection of central level and the decision is made at a conference of SDSM.

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