The economy is hit and deaths increase, doctors warn


Professor Dr. ZoranGuchev estimates that it was necessary to provide vaccines for the people on time and that it is shameful for Macedonia that has a government that has the opportunity, money and time to procure luxurious official vehicles, while there is no capacity to procure vaccines for its citizens.

“A month ago I came across an ad which says that for the needs of the Government 5 jeeps Mercedes will be bought at a price of 1.5 million euros, I do not know if it is true but I saw that ad. Money is paid to the municipalities that are not in debt and buy Audi vehicles from the expensive models A6 and A8, there are a huge number of places where it can be shortened without feeling anything. Every means should have been given to get vaccines and this country should have given us all a sense of security and dignity,” Guchevsaid.

He stressed that due to the government’s inability to procure vaccines on time, the economy suffers while the number of deaths is continuously increasing.


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