The government is unstable and will soon fall, says opposition spokesperson


The institutions are the ones who must now react and shed light on the mystery surrounding the escape of the former director of the Security and Counterintelligence Directorate (UBK), said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson DimcheArsovski on the  ”Shto ne e jasno” show about the bad government policies, criminal affairs, as well as the current developments regarding the escape of SashoMijalkov.

According to Arsovski, at this moment the citizens have completely lost faith in the institutions, because there are many omissions that must not happen in a serious country.

“Spasovski is a direct culprit, because not only did he not act in accordance with the authorities and have the indicated person in sight, he cooperated and helped Mijalkov to leave the country, because his boss Zaev is close to that man,” Arsovski said.

He pointed out that the current ruling set is synonymous with crime and corruption, as well as synonymous with shady deals.

“This government will have to bear responsibility after all the defeats of all possible plans, including this one, where such acts are allowed. The government majority at the moment is too weak and is expected to fall at any moment, and then to form a new government majority, which in the beginning will have to face this dysfunctional system and start acting in accordance with the laws and rules, not to allow such a mess of irregularities,” added Arsovski.

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