Spasovski claims no one has negotiated with Mijalkov


Former secret police chief Sasho Mijalkov is now under house arrest at this home. He hasn’t left the country the past days, and was in Skopje the whole time. If he hadn’t reported himself to the authorities, the situation would have been completely different, Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski said Wednesday, pointing out he had no personal contact with Mijalkov before his return.

According to Spasovski, if investigation reveals anyone to be held responsible, not moral but criminal responsibility will come into play.

Spasovski told Slobodna TV’s “Morning Briefing” show on Wednesday that an investigation is underway in the Public Prosecutor’s Office and a public prosecutor has been appointed.

Until Tuesday, he added, the Ministry of Interior worked with the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Skopje, with the prosecutors on duty as regards quizzing people who might have been involved in facilitating escape, whether family members or those close, i.e. members of his security. The important thing was, he noted, to seize all phones, digital devices and documents that could be part of the investigation during the search of his residence.

Spasovski claims that no one is negotiating, or has negotiated on anything with Mijalkov for him to report himself to the authorities, adding that the verdict due on Friday is the court’s job and it will remove all possible dilemmas.



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