Mickoski: We are working on a new parliamentary majority


We are working on having early parliamentary elections along with the upcoming local elections. We are “all-in” practically, as one politician in our country would say. We are all-in in this process. And I would not like to comment on the developments in other political parties because it is still their internal affair. And they know best what is best for their political party, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in an interview with Radio Lider.

Mickoski added that he has serious information about serious internal moves and taking new positions in other political parties.

“I encourage parties to find a way to overcome all this and to work together for the country. Otherwise, the country needs a new parliamentary majority. And every responsible politician in the Parliament, HristijanMickoski is not important in the case, no one is important, the citizens and the state are important. And every responsible politician should put before himself the achievements of this Government of ZoranZaev and set the plans of this Government led by ZoranZaev and make a decision what they have done so far and whether they are capable of doing something from now on.If they inside are not ready to take responsibility and pass the ball to the institutions as if the institutions are run by wind and fog, and not by staff appointed by SDSM and DUI, then you cannot expect these people to be better than they were previously. They were catastrophic before,” said Mickoski.

Mickoski pointed out that this government must leave for the good of the citizens, for the good of Macedonia. This government has literally brought Macedonia to the abyss.

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