Police officers injured during a clash with “Monster” case protesters


Under the motto “Freedom, Justice and Democracy – Stop the rigged cases” started today’s protest of the family members and supporters of the convicts of the, as they say,  rigged”Monster”, “Almir”, “Alfa”, “HarunAliu” “Brodec” and other court cases in which members of the Albanian community were legally convicted, which soon escalated into a clash between protesters and police in which two police officers were injured.

The protest started from the park in Chair and the participants in the protest continued to march towards the courts, and the protest was planned to end in front of the Government, where statements for the media were expected. But the police did not allow the protesters to get near the courts and they started giving their statements in front of Mavrovka.

Protesters began throwing stones and other objects at the police.

The protest was organized due to the dissatisfaction of the families of the defendants in the “Monster” case after the court ordered life sentences to defendants HalilDemiri, AfrimIsmailovic and AgimIsmailovic, a 15-year prison sentence for defendant FejziAziri and 9 years for HakiAziri, accused of the fivefold murder at Smilkovsko Lake on April 12, 2012.

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