Constitutional Court to discuss the proclamation of “North” without a decree from Ivanov


The Constitutional Court on March 18 will discuss the initiative for publishing the new name of the Republic of Macedonia in the Official Gazette without the signature of then President Gjorge Ivanov, reports

A preparatory session is scheduled for that day to assess the constitutionality of the decree promulgating the law on the use of languages. Four initiatives have been submitted, including the World Macedonian Congress, Solza Grcheva and lawyer Tome Todorovski.

The signatories of the initiative believe that the President has the right to a suspension or pocket veto and that the Parliament Speaker, in this case Talat Xhaferi, has no right to sign a Decree in his name.

The initiators are not optimistic that this initiative will be accepted given the distribution of forces in the Constitutional Court and political influence.

The Constitutional Court refused to discuss and rejected the initiatives by which the Parliament approved the Prespa Agreement.

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