Zaev: Obtaining citizenship with only witnesses is unacceptable, there must be proof


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev maintains that the request of the Albanian opposition with three witnesses to grant citizenship to those who still have trouble registering in the country as residents is unacceptable. However, he called on them to open a debate together and find a solution that will be sustainable.

“I want a solution. I am now sending a message this issue that is common, let’s solve it together. I thank the initiatives of the opposition for resolving the issue. But let the public appreciate it, it is common sense not to accept witnesses. There must be proof. And we can find the evidence, the certificate, the document that the parent was born here, and thus the child who grew up here, some realized social right, three or five years ago. To have a document as material evidence, so as not to violate the future right of those who will receive citizenship, i.e. someone to bring them into question due to their testimony,” said Zaev.

According to the PM, the one who decides and puts his signature on the citizenship cannot base it on the statement of some witnesses. In order to put a signature, the Prime Minister emphasized, and to be responsible for that signature, we must give him arguments.

“There is a will. I send a message for us to solve this together. Let the final proposal be to the opposition, the majority will vote because they opened the initiative,” said Zaev answering a reporter’s question during a visit to the National Kitchen in Shuto Orizari.


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