Zaev to change the name of the party: SDSM to be renamed Social Democrats from North Macedonia


The adjective  “North” in the name of SDSM will enter the next congress of the party, announced Prime Minister and leader of the ruling party Zoran Zaev. In response to a reporter’s question – when the party will change its name, given that it is funded by the country and is legally obliged to use the constitutional name, Zaev replied:

“It may happen at the next congress, we cannot do it on the executive or central board, which is rarely convened. So far we have only had one congress and it was held online and we did not know how effective it would be. In coming period, we will act in accordance with the Prespa Agreement. There is an initiative for the name “SDSM – Social Democrats from Macedonia”, but there are other ideas as well,” said Zaev.

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