Thousands of Macedonians with Bulgarian documents registered at the same address in downtown Sofia


The Bulgarian news agency BGNES published an address where as many as 45,752 names have registered it as a place of residence, and the agency’s list extends to 1,000 pages.

It is a residential address located in Sredets district in the center of Sofia. The photo with the voter list of these names was published by the municipal mayor before the parliamentary elections in Bulgaria.

All these thousands of foreigners have the same address – 6 Lege Street in the capital, where the administration of the Sredets district is located, the mayor of the region confirmed for BGNES.

“This is because according to the law, those who have acquired Bulgarian citizenship, living abroad, receive a permanent address with us in the district administration building,” Trajkov explained.

According to the latest data, they are already over 82,000 people. He added that the ballots of these people will remain intact.

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