Zaev: It would be nice to have a majority of over 62 MPs, but this keeps us awake


It would be nice to have a majority of over 62 MPs, but this way it keeps us awake, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Thursday after the MPs gave their vote of confidence.

The majority will last 4 years. I use every opportunity to send a message, at the project level, to have over 62 MPs stand on my side. I continue to work, to affirm, to ask and animate, to join other MPs. If we succeed, we will immediately announce it, if not, 62 is a stable majority. It was difficult during a pandemic, we have one sick, one in self-isolation and you do not have a majority to start a session and make decisions,” said Prime Minister Zaev.

He added that with yesterday’s vote of confidence in the Parliament, the uncertainty for the citizens and the economy caused by the threats for a new majority and the fall of the Government had disappeared.


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