VMRO-DPMNE: Is Zaev preparing Frchkovski for a constitutional judge or ambassador to Belgrade after being rejected by the USA?


A new scandal is shaking the country, said VMRO-DPMNE.

The nomination of Frckoski as ambassador to the United States has been rejected due to violence towards women, the unsolved assassination attempt on Gligorov and lustrated snitch. Zaev with a new scandal as he wants to send Frckoski, who is a woman hater, oil and cigarette smuggler and minister when the assassination attempt on Gligorov happened, as the country representative in the most powerful country in the world. Frckoski being rejected by the United States as Macedonia’s Ambassador is proof that Zaev and his company do not go far from Sofia. Frckoski is a proven woman hater, woman beater, oil and cigarette smuggler and Interior Minister when the assassination attempt on Gligorov happened. Frckoski was part of the SDSM government that made the murky privatization and during whose term the embargo on Serbia was broken. Zoran Zaev humiliated the United States by sending Frckoski as ambassador. Zoran Zaev made a diplomatic scandal and embarrassed Macedonia, reads VMRO-DPMNE’s press release.

The opposition party reminds that Frchkoski is the fourth diplomat to be denied by the allies, so they ask if Zaev is deliberately undermining the Western alliance and NATO.

“Is Zaev preparing Frckovski for constitutional judge or ambassador in Belgrade after the slap from the USA? Who does Zaev work for, certainly not for Macedonia and NATO!”, said the party.




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