Zaev accepts the proposal for a caretaker government that was offered by Mickoski a while ago


In an interview with daily newspaper Sloboden Pechat, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev for the first time opened the possibility of forming a government of national salvation, which would include the opposition.

“We offer cooperation from every possible aspect. To do everything we need to do, but you definitely have to have someone on the other side to talk. I am saying this for the first time, I want to open a debate for joint government and government with the opposition. But to have someone with whom you can talk to because it is not possible to talk with Mr. Mickoski. Or, if they have a reasonable person, but we do not, let them  remove Zaev as well, just the two parties to be able to talk. We have to unite our people, because we need it, they know it, and I know it – our people are too divided,” Zaev told Sloboden Pechat.

Second, according to him, is the departization of the administration, which is possible if both sides are inside. The clientelism in the judiciary and administration will disappear.

“This is part of the new policy that should pass in SDSM, and I think I have the respect of the organs and bodies, because this is important for the state. Let there be no confusion, this is not a technical government. But, only if there is someone with whom you can talk to,” said Zaev.

“That is why I say let us all enter, I am opening this opportunity for the first time. But it is up to the people whether they are ready for it. I tried in every way, I said that with Gruevski I could find a solution, but with Mickoski I cannot. I do not know what else to do! Here I am opening this, although I have a mandate until 2024, but even in such circumstances I open the opportunity to debate. Whenever they want, starting tomorrow, after the local elections, whenever everyone is ready,” said Zaev.

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