Georgievski identifies with the position of Bulgaria: The Macedonian language did not exist until 1945, all Ilinden people wrote and spoke Bulgarian


“In the time of the Ottoman Empire, in all organizations that existed, both Macedonian revolutionary and non-revolutionary, civil and ecclesiastical, the official language to be used is the Bulgarian language and the alphabet,” said Ljubcho Georgievski during an interview with Kanal77.

Georgievski added that at that time the citizens only wrote in Bulgarian.

“We should admit that this should be an introduction to their thesis, to say that before the codification of the Macedonian language, the Macedonian intelligentsia, the Macedonian revolutionary organizations officially used the Bulgarian language and alphabet,” said Georgievski.

Georgievski pointed out that the documents, the statute and the commands of the then-VMRO were written in Bulgarian.

“Goce Delchev’s letters, regardless of the content, whether he said this or that – Goce Delchev has general letters, he gives orders, you go here, you go there – Goce Delchev has about 30 personal letters, all written in the official literary Bulgarian language. Gjorche Petrov also has books written in the official Bulgarian language. Not to mention that Ilinden insurgents and commanders have 120-130 books of memoirs written by people, rebels who fought, in Bulgarian,” said Georgievski.



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