Macedonia at the bottom of the Bloomberg Coronavirus Vaccine Report


In one week, the number of new COVID-19 cases has increased by about 60 percent compared to the previous week, and in this situation when the situation is getting worse day by day as a result of the British strain of the virus, the meeting of the Commission on Infectious Diseases was postponed on Monday and now when it is most needed it has not yet been held.

As a result of this incompetence of the Government, Macedonia found itself at the bottom of another list. In the list published by the Bloomberg agency on which country in the world is progressing with the vaccination, only Egypt, Paraguay, Saint Helena and Guinea have fewer vaccines than Macedonia.

The situation with the virus is already worrying in the cities where the British mutation of the virus is present, and due to the sharply increased number of cases and the extremely serious situation in Negotino at yesterday’s meeting of the Crisis Headquarters of the municipality, quarantine was requested for the city.



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